TimeSlot Radio

Roadmap 1.0

Stage 1


Design of the Timeslot Radio collection, 3000 unique characters

Coding and deploying the Timeslot radio algorithm

Deployment of the Smartcontract on Ethereum

Stage 2

Community & Connection

Launch discord and website

Diffusion on social network platforms

Building the community

Reward the growing community with whitelist and special giveaways

Collect all whitelisted wallet

Stage 3

Launching the Collection

Launch the collection of 3000 Timeslot

Whitelists sales : 02/09/2022 – 0.02 ETH

Public sales : 07/09/2022 – 0.03 ETH

Stage 4

Openning of Expansion phase

Openning the Indigochild Channel

Outreach and Collab with other NFT projects to Open new Radio Channels

The first Community-Driven NFT Radio.

The Community Control the Sound