Frequently Asked Questions


Timeslot Radio is a Community-driven Radio. We have divided a week into 3000 Timeslot each connected to a NFT. Hold an NFT and you control its Timeslot.

A Non-Fungible Token use blockchain technology as a way to prove you have the ownership over one of a kind digital art/identity that people can buy and trade.

YES ! Holding an NFT make you Owner of its Timeslot and co-owner of the Radio. Timeslot holders can upload & cast any song or audio to be played in the radio.

To cast a song it’s super easy, all you will need is to connect your wallet to our website, then you will see the Private DJ interface to upload any audio of your choice and to change the name of your Timeslot.

Let’s say you just bought the Friday 7:20-7:23 PM’s Timeslot. If in the future the Radio get many listener every thursday at this time. Your holding can increased its value and people can be incentive to make you a good offer to buy your NFT. It’s always a Prime time Somewhere.

A Timeslot cost 0.03 ETH.

In order to buy you will need a crypto wallet with some ETH ready, once this step done you can connect your wallet and clic on mint, accept the transaction then wait few sec.

OF COURSE THERE IS ONE, It’s all about community. Join the discord to ask for help ! Join the discord to ask for help !