The idea is simple, we have divided a week into 3000 blocks that we call Timeslots. 2960 x 3mins; 30 x 20mins and 10 x 60mins. Each of these Timeslot is connected to an NFT.

Holding an NFT give you total control of its timeslot. Trade it, Swap it or use it as you wish; Play some Disco or some hip hop, electro, techno or a little commercial for your own project or business, sing an accapela or just talk to tell us some funny jokes. You can do what you want, it’s your timeslot it’s your radio!

The Timeslot #01 will play the first song of the week, Monday 12:00am to 00:03am; The Timeslot #02 will follow and so on. The Timeslot #3000 will play the last song of the loop to close the week on sunday. The Radio is refreshed hourly so you have plenty of time to cast new songs from week to week.

Two or more NFTs whose timeslots follow each other in the loop can be connected to get a larger timeslot. 3 x 3 mins Timeslot will make a timeslot of 9 mins and a series of 10 will make 30mins. To keep grooving non stop and to not allow any empty space in the playlist, we have a bank of royalty-free tracks that will be selected by our algorithm, the vibe never stops !

Roadmap 1.0

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4